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Enjoying A Nice Brew

Artistic Strokes For Your Bottles Of Bubbly

by Josephina Liebrand

Champagne plays a starring role in many of life's milestone celebrations. While many these festive life events are widely celebrated, the details of each individual gathering reflect the celebrant's unique taste and personality. Why not make your next celebratory bottle of bubbly as unique as your creative edge? Find out how you can turn a casual night of painting into a customized champagne bottle that will truly be a work of art.

Designer Bottles

Customized champagne bottles are simply bottles of champagne that exhibit personalized labels. Standard bottles may be presented as gifts, such as when given to a couple who will be celebrating their silver wedding anniversary or to someone who is about to close the deal on their first home purchase. Small bottles have become a popular choice for party favors with a touch of class. Personalized labels are adorning champagne bottles to celebrate all of life's special moments, including the following:

  • College graduations
  • Weddings
  • Job promotions
  • Arrival of a new baby
  • Silver and gold wedding anniversaries
  • Purchases of new homes, boats and vacation retreats
  • Start of a new business
  • Final mortgage payments
  • Start of retirement

When you place an order to buy personalized champagne bottles, you are presented with a choice of text fonts and graphics that you select to design your special bottle. You are not limited to the graphic catalog, however. You can opt to use a personal photograph, or you can unleash your inner designer completely and submit your own artwork.

From Brush to Bottle

Paint nights are popping up everywhere, from wineries and libraries to restaurants and other venues. A paint night is an event at which people gather for an evening of creativity while they socialize. Typically, the host of the party displays a picture that each attendee will attempt to paint on his or her own canvas. The subjects of the pictures are usually simple enough for even the novice painter to duplicate. Although everyone in the room is painting the same general image, each painting will show some variation as a result of the painter's unique brush stroke technique, artistic ability, and creative interpretation. Even if you have left such talents behind to lay dormant since your last junior high school art class, you will probably be pleasantly surprised with your creation when you walk away from a paint night event. You may even consider putting your painting on exhibit, such as on a champagne bottle label.

Gather Your Painting Group

If you are planning a large event, such as a wedding reception, get your friends and family involved in the party planning by enlisting them to paint. For brides-to-be with jangled wedding-planning nerves, this is an excellent way to enjoy a casual evening of fun, relaxation, and bonding with their bridal parties. Invite those extra special people in your life to join you at a public paint night event, or you can host your own paint night at home. Choose an image that you would like to see on your champagne bottle. You can find suggestions for paint night images on the Internet or get ideas by perusing the following:

  • Wedding planning catalogs
  • Scenic photographs
  • Greeting cards
  • Magazines with subject matter that is relevant to the event that will be celebrated
  • Online clip art collections

Remember that you will also be adding text to your label. Choose an image that is not too busy in color or pattern. Complicated images may detract from the text, and they may be too daunting for some of your guests to duplicate. Visit your art supply retailer for the necessary supplies, procure some snacks and sippers for your paint night guests, and hand them each a paintbrush. At the end of the night, you will have a few submissions to choose from. You might want to use your own painting on the larger bottle for toasting and your favorite guest contribution for the smaller bottles that you will give away as favors.

Once your customized champagne bottles arrive to take their places of honor at your event, the label image's creative touch that you or someone special in your life painted from the heart will become an instant conversation starter. Be sure to order an extra bottle to keep at home for display as a unique memento. Anyone can choose a stock label image from a catalog, but to create a work of art to use instead brings personalization to the next level. Throughout your life's milestone toasts, may the libation be sparkling, may the label be dazzling, and may your journey be exciting.

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