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Enjoying A Nice Brew

It's All About The Wine: 3 Ideas For Planning The Perfect Wine Tasting Party

by Josephina Liebrand

It's hard to know what type of wine you like if you haven't had the opportunity to sample a wide enough selection. It can be difficult to actually sample wine, especially if you don't get out very often. One fun way to sample wines is to host a wine tasting party. Hosting a small gathering of friends will allow you to taste a nice selection of wines, while enjoying the company of friends. Here are three simple suggestions that will ensure a fun and informative wine tasting event.

Select the Theme for the Evening

When hosting a wine tasting party, you want to provide your guests – and yourself – with the opportunity to taste wines in specific groupings. Choosing a theme for your party will ensure that you and your guests are able to sample and compare wines from the same groupings. Here are some themes you could choose from.


Choose a region and purchase several different types of wine from that specific area. This will allow you to choose a variety of wines that are grown under the same conditions.


This is a fun way to compare wines that you might not generally try. For instance, if you prefer to stay away from lesser-priced wines, choosing from that grouping will allow you and your guests to discover a new favorite that you might not have ever tried any other way.


Tasting wine based on style is another fun and informative way to identify new favorites. When planning a wine tasting party based on style, you can select a variety of dry white wines, or full-bodied reds. You might also decide to spend the evening sampling fresh-flavored dessert wines.

Don't Forget the Proper Tools

When hosting a wine tasting party, it's important that you stock the proper tools. This will ensure that you and your guests have everything you need right at your fingertips. Some of the items you should stock include the following:

  • Two wine glasses each – to allow simultaneous tasting
  • Palate cleansers such as crackers or bread – to refresh the mouth between samples
  • Spit buckets – to allow guests to spit rather than swallow samples
  • Note pads and pencils – for guests to document their selections

Keep It Intimate

When planning your party, keep the guest list as small as possible. Wine tasting parties are best when they're kept as an intimate gathering of friends. Small groups are able to discuss the wines and visit in a relaxed atmosphere.

If you're trying to discover new wines, hosting a party is a great way to include friends in your adventure. The information provided here will help you plan the perfect wine tasting event. For more information, contact a company like JJ Buckley Fine Wines.