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I have always loved to cook, which is probably why food and alcohol pairing came so naturally to me. I love the idea of matching together complimentary flavors, and making everything I serve pop. Although most people decide to pair food and wine, I love to mix it up and add interesting lagers. In addition to significantly decreasing meal expenses, adding craft beers also has a way of making guests feel more comfortable. On this blog, I decided to share my love of all things alcohol and food, so that you can start churning out incredible dishes from the comfort of your own home.

Enjoying A Nice Brew

Finding The Perfect Wine To Use For Wedding Favors

by Josephina Liebrand

If you are getting married soon, you are most likely very busy in making preparations for the big day. If you are hosting a large reception after your ceremony, having wedding favors for guests to take home is a great way to thank them for their presence. Using small wine bottles to give as gifts is a wonderful way for participants to continue the celebration long after the wedding is over. Here are some steps you can take to find the perfect wine for your wedding favors.

Host A Wine Tasting Event With Your Wedding Party

Consider purchasing several small bottles of wine from your local liquor store to bring to your home for testing purposes. Invite your wedding party to help you with this endeavor. Purchase small plastic cups to use so you do not need to wash out stemware between each type of wine consumed. Open a bottle of wine and add a splash to each person's cup and have everyone taste it together. Have your guests vocalize their feelings about the wine and write down their comments. Do this with several flavors to get a consensus about which types of wine are most favorable to those attending the tasting session.

Visit A Local Winery With Your Spouse-To-Be

Take a trip to a local winery for a day full of fun and flavor. Many wineries have tasting events throughout the year for potential guests to sample some of their finest products. Some wineries offer this on a daily basis for visitors to help them with their selection as well. Consider taking a bus tour to a winery so you can sample many types of these alcoholic beverages without worry about getting back home. This is a fun endeavor you will enjoy with your partner and you may find a unique wine flavor in the process.

Enjoy A Beverage With Dinner When Eating Out

Make it a priority to have a few meals out during the weeks or months before your upcoming wedding. Select a new flavor of wine each time you have dinner so you have ample time to test several types to help you select one for your favors. Ask your waiter or waitress what types of wine are popular within their establishment as a starting point in what to order. Bring along a notebook so you can jot down your impression of the wine after taking a taste. These notes can then be taken to a local winery or liquor store to see if smaller bottles are offered for sale.