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I have always loved to cook, which is probably why food and alcohol pairing came so naturally to me. I love the idea of matching together complimentary flavors, and making everything I serve pop. Although most people decide to pair food and wine, I love to mix it up and add interesting lagers. In addition to significantly decreasing meal expenses, adding craft beers also has a way of making guests feel more comfortable. On this blog, I decided to share my love of all things alcohol and food, so that you can start churning out incredible dishes from the comfort of your own home.

Enjoying A Nice Brew

Creative Ice Luge Sculptures For Parties

by Josephina Liebrand

If people are really planning on letting their hair down at your event, an ice luge station might be in order. Liquor shocked with ice as it plummets down a luge is a great way for your guests to take shots, and will certainly give them something to talk about. Coming up with a theme and sticking to it is key, and this doesn't need to stop with ice luges. Here are four creative ice luge sculptures that will make your next party unforgettable

1. Showcasing a Birthday with an Ice Luge

Skip the cake and go straight for the fun of an ice luge. Sourcing a company that can put together an ice luge sculpture for a birthday party will make the guest of honor feel special. An ice luge can be sculpted into the age of the guest of honor, like a birthday candle for adults.

2. Traditional Racing Ice Luge

If you don't have a bunch of extra money on hand to have an ice luge custom made for your party, there are DIY options as well. Freezer molds can be sourced online, and if you are feeling even more creative, you can even make your own luge out of a traditional block of ice. The best way to make this traditional option fun is to have two carved out channels, and party goers can race one another as shots slide down the luge.

3. Naughty Ice Luges

If you are hosting a bachelor or bachelorette party, an ice luge that is suggestive will make your guests blush and loosen up the party. The thrill of taking shots off of an ice luge that is a little wild will be silly and make sure that everyone has a good time. Make sure that the bachelor or bachelorette is first in line for the fun.

4. Seasonal Ice Luges

If you are hosting a holiday party, there is no reason that an ice luge needs to be crass. Ice luges can be true works of art, and can make a winter party special while also bringing the fun. Traditional sculptures such as angels, snowflakes or other winter themes can be done by professionals and bring your holiday party to the next level with beauty and fun.

Ice luges might make you think of a college party, but sometimes that isn't such a bad thing. If your guests are down to try anything and have a good time, an ice luge station might really bring the party. At least your guests will never be able to say you are boring and don't throw a good event. If an ice luge sounds like a great idea for your next party, contact Jacked Ice.